Audio Only

Qwest Reservationless audio allows you to moderate a conference call any time without operator assistance. Use your bridge or "room" 24/7 with up to 124 participants phone connections.


Instructions For Reservationless Audio Conferencing:


  • Dial Access Number provided by the Moderator
  • At the prompt, dial *Meeting Room Number* (enter * (star) key before and after the Meeting Room Number)
  • You will be on music hold until Moderator opens the conference


  • Dial your Toll Free or Toll access number
  • Dial your Meeting Room Number
    (Note: The * (star) key must be pressed before and after your room number.)
  • Dial your Moderator Personal Identification Number (PIN).(Note: The * (star) key must be pressed before and after your PIN.)
  • Your participants will dial the same Access Number and Meeting Room Number. They will be on music hold until you begin the conference by entering your PIN.
  • Your conference is now in session! You will be notified by two audible beeps as conference participants join your meeting.

Please note: Your PIN number is used only when you host a conference. Please do not give your PIN to conference participants.


Want your conference calls to be more organized, professional and secure? Included with your "room" is a web tool that will allow you to:

  • See who is on your call and when they are talking
  • Greet participants
  • Dismiss unidentified participants
  • Mute/unmute participant lines and annoying back ground noise or music hold
  • Start on time without having to announce everyone on the call
  • Address people by name as they are speaking
  • Dial out to last minute participants
  • Record calls
  • More....

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