Audio with Web Conference

Qwest Conferencing

A fully integrated audio and web conferencing service Qwest Conferencing tightly integrates voice and web conferencing into one intuitive and user-friendly interface. You manage your meetings with simple point and click commands. Moderators can show documents on demand, present applications, deliver animated PowerPoint® presentations, manage their voice conference and take control of remote participants' computers.

Important Information:
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Collaborate in Real-Time
Now you and your participants can approve, edit or amend any type of business document. Correct or modify legal documents, sales proposals or virtually any other application that you can run on your computer.

Easy to start. Easy to join. Schedule your meeting online, or start an ad hoc presentation right away. Participants can join your meeting through a direct link sent out via e-mail. Those without internet access can still join and follow the voice portion of the meeting via telephone.

Your voice controls are seamlessly integrated with web conferencing and are accessible 24/7. That means that you can mute outside noise with a mouse click, see who is on your call, share any document, and more.

The Meeting Number and PIN you use for your voice meetings remain the same for the web portion. It's simple! Just log on to experience a fully interactive virtual conference room.

Important: Qwest Conferencing provides the easiest participant web access in the industry!

  • No application or client downloads required
  • No Java Virtual Machine required
  • No disabling of pop-up blockers required



Make a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation part of your meeting.

  • Slide Preview.
  • Application sharing.
  • Annotate Over All Meeting Content.
  • Advanced voice management controls.
  • Multiple Audio Break Out Rooms.
  • In-meeting Invite.
  • On demand, voice and/or data archiving and playback.
  • Single moderator or multiple presenter control.
  • E-Learning Quiz.
  • Automated participant self dial-out.
  • Interactive chat.
  • Multiple levels of security.
  • Participant Registration.