Qwest Conferencing Web Features

Your Qwest Reservationless Audio account is integrated with web conferencing and ready to use! Just log on to experience a fully interactive virtual conference room.  


  • Make a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation part of your meeting. Visuals add interest to your presentation and allow participants to retain information.

  • Slide Preview. Preview your PowerPointTM Presentation slides before revealing them to the audience.

  • Application sharing. Share any application running on your computer. Collaborate on budgets, drawings, plans and more - all updated in real-time for all to see.

  • Annotate Over All Meeting Content. New annotation tools can be used when showing slides and sharing applications.

  • Advanced voice management controls. Move participants into sub-conference rooms, mute and un-mute them, blast dial-out to multiple participants. All using 'point-and-click' commands. You enjoy greater control with the hassle of telephone keypad commands.

  • Multiple Audio Break Out Rooms. Gather and meet with your participants in different audio sub-conference rooms.

  • In-meeting Invite. Easily invite your participants while in a meeting with a simple click of a button.

  • On demand, voice and/or data archiving and playback. Keep those who missed the meeting up-to-date.

  • Single moderator or multiple presenter control. Pass control during the meeting to allow participants to control the flow of their particular section/content.

  • E-Learning Quiz. Define surveys with automated score calculation to have results within seconds.

  • Automated participant self dial-out. Participants can have the Meeting Center automatically dial out to them when joining your meeting.

  • Lotus Notes Address Book integration. Easily invite participants to your meetings via your Lotus Notes  Address book.

  • Interactive chat. Share ideas and comments via text messages, without interrupting the speaker or moderator.

  • Multiple levels of security. Meeting Center provides industry-leading levels of access security, network security, and content security. Add an extra layer of security to all of your meetings by requiring a Web Room Password and/or enabling Secure Data Transmission (SSL).