Overview and Conference Options

Qwest Operator Assisted Conferencing is available for conferences larger than 125 participants or when you require assistance from a conference operator.  Following traditional operator-attended audio conferencing practices, participants join using a standard telephone and are connected to an audio conferencing bridge, enabling a multi-party call to take place.


Reservations are required to be made in advance of the date and time you wish to conduct a conference. 


Three types of reserved conferencing options are available below:





At least one operator is dedicated to the conference call throughout its duration to aid in the production of the conference

An operator is not dedicated to the basic attended call and therefore must be called upon for assistance by moderators or participants by signaling (*0)

Passcode conferences are available if you do not have a reservationless account or are waiting for your reservationless account to be set up.

Passcode conference are available.  If you do not have a reservationless account or are waiting for your account to be set up.

Can accommodate 50 or more participants or if one of the *managed service options is required


Maximum of 50 Participants


Maximum of 50 participants

  Used for the following

types of conferences


External Communications
Investor Relations: quarterly updates and investor presentations
Public Relations:  mergers, acquisitions, corporate announcements
Sales and Marketing:  product presentations, product launches, webinars

Internal communications: CEO announcements, policy and protocol updates
 employee, sales force and customer/clients

Crisis management - policy announcements, emergency updates, disaster recovery

Options Available

Options Available

Options Available

• Audio View
• Auditorium Calls
• Communications Line*
• Custom Greeting*
• Operator Dial Out
• High Profile Status (VIPs, CEOs, Press)
• Lecture Mode
• Managed Question & Answer sessions*
• Online Presentation and Audio Streaming**
• Polling*
• Post Conference Participant List
• Restricted Participant List
• Sub-conferencing*

• Operator Dial Out
• Lecture or Interactive Modes
• Post Conference Participant List
• Participants Announced upon entry
• Roll Call

• Participants enter conference via a numeric passcode
• Passcodes are different for each scheduled conference
• Entry and Exit tones notify conference participants when someone has entered or exited the conference

• No Additional Services Available
• No Operator Assistance

Operator Managed

Operator Assisted


24 HOUR min notice

60 minute min. notice

60 minute min. notice




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